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Member of the «Cerche des Amis de Marianne» (C.A.M.) since its beginnings, I would like to tell all of the good points that I see in this French philatelic association, in particular for the following two reasons:

  • The philosophy of philately which is defended by the association and its members, with which I completely agree;
  • The «bulletin du C.A.M.», published four times a year, which is a source of knowledge for very numerous domains of the philately about ordinary definitive (and other stamps also). In particular, a significant part of the information which appear on this site are stemming, or inspired, from articles of the «bulletin du C.A.M.»

I would also like to thank the current or past members of the C.A.M., who always knew how to answer with competence and heat the numerous questions which I was able to ask them.

Among these members, I would like to highlight Jean RENARD: his collection, his numerous and varied publications, were always for me a source of deepening, inspiration, reflections. Thank you also to Jean Jacques who maybe lies at the origin of this study by his articles in the «Monde des Philatélistes» many years ago, to Olivier whose website on phosphor bands is a model for me and who encouraged me to embark upon of this site, to Daniel for his sharp technical knowledge and experience he shares with many Internet users,...

I would also like to quote the philatelic association SO.CO.CO.DA.MI. which, on a more targeted issue than that of the C.A.M., is also at the origin of part of my knowledge. Its site and its publications can be consulted without reserve.

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